What are the Symptoms of Chlamydia?

Q: My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with chlamydia. I have not been tested yet, and I have not exhibited any noticeable symptoms. Should I be tested? What exactly are the symptoms of chlamydia?

T. Russell

Atlanta, GA

A: Yes, you absolutely should be tested as soon as possible. If your girlfriend tested positive for chlamydia, there is a good chance that you have it also. Plus, if you do have this STD and do not seek treatment, you could re-infect your girlfriend. Your best option is to seek testing immediately – this is a treatable STD, so you have nothing to fear.

As far as not having any noticeable symptoms, this is actually quite common. About 50% of men and 75% of women never experience any symptoms. Symptoms can sometimes take as long as three weeks to be noticeable. The most common symptoms of chlamydia include itching or burning (especially during urination) and abnormal discharge. It is also possible to experience bleeding and pain during intercourse. Regardless of whether you have symptoms, chlamydia is easily transferred so it is a good idea to get screened.