Symptoms of Chlamydia – Never Had Any, Never Cheated, But Somehow I Got It

Q: I have been with the same guy for 5 years. I never cheated and I never had symptoms of chlamydia, but all of a sudden I go to the doctor and boom- I have chlamydia. He was tested and it came back negative. How is this possible? He cheated but he does not have the infection.

A: Hello,

If you have been together for five years and you have never gone outside of the relationship, there are only a few possibilities.

One option is that you had chlamydia from a previous relationship, but didn’t know until now. This option is highly unlikely – if you have been tested since you started the relationship you most likely would have known by now. With a chlamydia test, only exposures in the past week or so may not show up. Plus, if you have ever had unprotected sex with your current boyfriend he would come back positive also. Chlamydia is a bacteria that is transmitted extremely easily, almost immediately from the point of penetration. It’s not all that uncommon for people to not show symptoms of chlamydia right away, but going five years without symptoms  is uncommon. By this point you would be almost certainly be showing some more serious complications, possibly with irreversible damage to your reproductive system.

Another option is that your boyfriend failed to follow proper precautions for testing. Men are directed to avoid urination for at least one hour before getting a test for chlamydia. This is because the bacteria that causes chlamydia gets flushed out of the urethra every time someone uses the restroom. If he did not do this, the bacteria could have been flushed out and reduced to an undetectable level before testing. If he tested with a urine sample, also be sure that he did the “first catch” of the urine stream. This means that he should have urinated directly into the specimen cup, as opposed to in the toilet first and then into the cup. If he failed to do this, once again the bacteria could have been reduced to an undetectable level.

The last option is that your boyfriend received chlamydia when he cheated, but then got it treated before confronting you. Telling a partner you cheated is difficult, but telling them that you cheated and gave them an STD is even worse. You should discuss these possibilities with your boyfriend, and possibly consider having him retested and treated. If there is any possibility that he still has chlamydia and you are still being sexually active with each other, you could end up transmitting the bacteria back and forth between yourselves. Hopefully this helps with your situation and good luck.