When in doubt, see your doctor

I have never had any sexually transmitted diseases. I do get boils a lot. I got this bubble the day I started my cycle which was July 3rd and ended July 8th. All of a sudden, I noticed this bubble, so I gave it a day and tried using a needle to pop it. It bled and didn’t change in size, so I was wondering what it could be. The boil is on the outside of my pussy. I do shave but it isn’t from that because it would have popped and puss would have come out. What can this be? It hurts and it is uncomfortable when I wear underwear because they aggravate it. Can you please help me?

Your description of symptoms does not seem to sound like any classic STD. Anyone who is sexually active can have an STD. That is why testing is necessary to determine what, if any, STDs a person might have. The symptoms, as you describe them, do not seem to reflect any specific STD that we are aware of. Especially if you are currently showing symptoms such as blistering or boils in the genital region, the kind of symptoms you described would best be addressed by a gynecologist, dermatologist, or a general practitioner. I’m not suggesting that you do or do not have a serious problem; I simply do not know. This is why you must present these symptoms to a doctor who can actually look at the area and make a diagnosis.